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September 7th, 2018

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Bird Updates
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Coming Soon: Replacing QR Codes

QR Codes are an important part of a Bird's ridability — if the QR code is damaged or missing, Riders cannot easily unlock a Bird. Our newest feature that will be released soon will allow you to easily replace and reassign QR codes within the app.
  • Step One: After selecting a Bird on the Map, click 'Replace QR' on the options menu.
  • Step Two: Enter the Bird ID, if available, or the Serial Number found on the bottom of the Bird.
  • Step Three: Place the new QR Code Sticker on the Bird, and scan in the app.
Once this feature has been fully released, we'll reach out about sending QR code stickers to add to your mech kit.

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Introducing the OKB Model Scooter

Our fleet of scooters is constantly growing and evolving to give our Riders the best experience on the road. We’re excited to announce that we’re launching another new scooter type — The OKB model scooter.

The OKB model scooter has an external case on the front of the neck with the BIRD logo, a thicker neck, and wider base than the other models.

Check out the model repair guide for more information and how to do repairs.

The OKB model scooter is currently flying in Baltimore and Los Angeles. It will migrate to Nashville, Denver, and Salt Lake City soon.

Updated Repair Guides

We’ve updated our mechanic help and learning sections to include new repair guides. You’ll be able to find scooter specifications, tools needed, repair walkthroughs, and troubleshooting help for each model scooter — the M365, the ES, and the new OKB.

Check out the Guides

Mechanic Spotlights
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Mechanic Dat's dog being a good shop dog in Scottsdale, AZ

“I’m a certified auto mechanic and have spent most of my life in car garages. I enjoy problem solving, fixing and repairing anything from simple machines to automobiles. Bird has allowed me to make a living doing what I love doing. Being able to work indoors as well as outdoors is great on my mind, body and soul. These things are very important to me. Very grateful to have come across this amazing company. I’m looking forward to all the amazing things that Bird has planned for our future.

I brought my daughter with me to find some birds one day. She wanted to know what it was like and so we spent an afternoon searching for them. She ended up spotting a few herself which boosted her confidence and that really made the day for the both of us. "
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I have a love hate relationship with the new Bird scooters. They are great because everyone I’ve picked up to fix has nothing wrong with it, easy $15. I hate them because they are so durable and often don’t need fixing To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.
. About 70% of the repairs I do are for tire changes and the new birds have solid rubber tires.

Hey! Help with the choice, I am new in the subject of scooters and I understand that sooner or later I will want to upgrade or repair it if something happens. The question is what better tools to choose from this list or what do you recommend yourself?

Ok, so. Final dumb question (I hope). I've: 1.[…][…]

Bird One Top Plate

Hello Guys I searching a 3D Model of the Bird One[…]

I am in norcal so I cant help you but I wanted to […]