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October 5th, 2018

Enjoy some freshly squeezed news with this edition of theSqueeze! TheSqueeze newsletter will arrive in your inbox every other week and provide product updates, a Juicer Limelight, and more. We look forward to squeezing Limes for you every other week!

On February 27th, the Juicer program launched in San Diego and thanks to you all we have harvested Limes all over the country! Lime is growing rapidly and our growth would not be possible without our Juicers. Thank You!

Ripe Limes

We are excited to announce a fresh harvest of ripe Limes for you to Juice in Bloomington, Indiana! If you are in Bloomington, pick-up as many Limes as you can and help use continue to make our Juicer community Indiana strong.

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Juicer Limelight

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Lime: Who are you?
June Caldwell: #JuicerCouple Working husband and wife doing this for extra income and to support a positive environmental solution.

Lime: How does Juicing contribute to your daily life?
June Caldwell: A positive way to make extra money on the side helping to make the world better, create less pollution, less traffic, and offers more freedom.

Lime: What does juicing mean to you?
June Caldwell: We have seen Lime change the way people move around in Santa Monica. It is perfect for this city with constant good weather, the out of doors, getting out of the car. People visibly get such joy riding them. I could never ride a skateboard but I can ride a Lime! It is a fun way for Jerry and I to spend time together, he gathers them up and I am the #WingLime! We scoot them back to the truck together. Then in the morning I ride shotgun in the truck with my coffee and we ride together to serve them in the early morning sun. Great way to start the day before our day jobs!

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