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Hi everyone. Sorry if this has been posed before, but I'm wondering if there's any SF Bay Area residents that have managed to get these legally at an impound auction. Trying to find one myself so I can convert and use it myself. Would definitely make getting around town more fun and it'd be free, minus plugging it into my wall to charge. Has anyone had any luck? And if you have one converted already and are willing to sell it to me, I'd be fine with that as well. Thanks!

My father in law has a tow company and has ask me to sell some of the scooters in the yard that have been deemed abandoned by bird and a few others. The problem is none of them work unless I take it home and go through it and order the parts to convert it. So yes I can sell you a legal scooter that works, I’m in Phoenix so shipping wouldn’t be too bad.
What are you looking for and what do you want to spend?

Well the ones that are cheapest to get working are the M365. Figure about $275 for one that is gone through, tested , charger included and good tires. The ES 2-4 ( basically same units except for under deck led lights) with extended battery would be $450. These would be Bluetooth enabled and able to connect to the apps. Plus shipping.

I don’t know.. I believe lime has come and retrieved any scooters that the city had them pick up. I don’t think there are any limes that are deemed abandoned although there are a few there. Majority of them are birds because they haven’t responded to a single thing the office has sent them. It’s like they either don’t care or are so overwhelmed they can’t keep up with everything. I know most tow companies are low life scum but his operation is actually not that bad. They typically do accidents for the cities and tow only when requested by the city . I heard of a bird charger with a truck full of scooters get pulled over and his car was impounded because no insurance or registration. Well the scooters ended up getting impounded as well seeing as they were in the truck. The tow office contacted bird and told them to just come and pick them up( no cost obviously) and they never came to get them. There were like 13 scooters in there but obviously bird can’t be bothered to pick up there assets because there to busy getting more investors money.
Part of me thinks this whole scooter thing is some crazy scam designed to fleece investors

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