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Discovered this in the lab over a year ago - got 22 mph (35 km/h) ground speed with extra battery, with wheels up it went to 26mph (41 km/h). I could make it happen on by doing the following:

-Rev up to any speed (wheel lifted), let go of accelerator (or apply force), let wheel spin freely nearly to stopping speed
-Just when it's about to stop, hit the throttle full down. The accelerator has to kick in while the wheel is slowing to a stop (last few spins), this takes timing but it was easy to get down.
-The ESC seems to panic and override the speed cap, or go into sensorless mode

Yeah thats how I experienced it, like ten minutes ago I got on a LimeS Es3 for the firstt time after getting up and running. I was at about 14 mph, I let go the throttle. It started to slow almost to a complete stop at a red light in Los Angeles. Green like came on amd it jolted to 21 mph.

But after that when I slowed it down again, a noise, like a rattle came from the motor and the es3 throttle and brake stopped working. It didnt turn off the display though. I could turn it in and connect the app. It even read 1-2 mph while walking the scooter, but still nothing happens with throttle and the break. This is no bueno. .....

Some es4 mainly birds if you burnout while holding it in place for a second then the scooter will bypass safety speed limit but once you do this you cannot release throttle or use the brake lever it’s fun for a few times but as people said it burns out controllers super fast I’ve gone through 5-6 scooters accidentally the first few times then I just expected it to happen Dyer this. So just do it if you got a bunch of scooters that you captured and don’t feel like pushing the damn things a few block to your car or whatever or you can always hunt for birds while riding a lime sure it’s sacareligious but hell if I don’t do something to offend a pair of companies who could give two shits about their contract work force. I got punched doing bird and all help cared about was making sure I didn’t try to sue not even a word asking if my split open lip was ok or if I felt safe no just please don’t sue us even thought you have every right to since you were following our rules to a t....anywaysthats my two and 3/4 cents right there also if you got any questions for a long time vet well as long a time as one can have since the companies are still babies anyways feel free to dm me and I will try to help or get you in touch with someone who can help better than I could.

It still works. The trouble is finding a Ninebot ES4 scooter to use it on. Bird has gotten rid of all of theirs. I've still seen Lyft ES4s around Atlanta.

Instructions for the glitch are in the first post. viewtopic.php?p=11301#p11301
Ken blue wrote:
Mon Nov 04, 2019 1:38 pm
Does this still work and can you guys explain how you do the glitch

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