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The city of San Diego steals $20,000 from Independent contractors during the 2019 Comic-Con International Convention.

San Diego City Hall made the choice of impounding more then 2000 scooters rather then them being captured by Gig Economy independent contractors costing the charging community over $20,000 in lost wages. The City now demands a ransom of $65 per scooter.

City Hall was so close to getting the praise it desired for being a progressive green city for spending a ton of money on designing the streets of Downtown SD to be scooter/bike friendly. All painted up and ready for the 2019 Comic Con convention everyone was riding scooters all over downtown to get to events and hotels and then in typical fashion, FAIL.

How do spend all that money to be scooter / bike friendly giving off the impression were the cool kids on the block and then pull some chump move like this?

Someone needs to be fired at City Hall for ruining all the good that was put into this and then in the end returning back to the old ways. Shame on you City Hall.

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I had a friend send me this, only hope here is for the converters who will be watching for the scooters that don't get picked up to show up on the auctions.

I really think that the city should also work with the scooter companies more. Like you said it would be much more efficient for them to just tell the companies to increase bounties for improperly parked scooters.

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