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contact bird they pick up. If bird does not pick up by law you've acquired abandoned property rights after no. Of attempts and time.I'm sure it's best to document were it was found time condition and proof you contacted rental co. For retrieval.. I see these birds for sale everywhere online plus auctions,however majority of these auctions aren't public or these auctions are ruined by people that favortize who is informed and within there circle to know when and were to attend the auction. These scooters are all expendable to the rental agents seeing they are not showing much concern in picking up from impound yards and private properties. Just imagine how many are stolen by birs and like employees alone. Main reason I think in my opinion is obviouse...They are insured nobody cares and your a low life idiot to steal one if this applies to you reading this. To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.
just build one yourself

Been wanting to acquire one for some time, I also like the hacking aspect of it over just buying one on amazon.

Any auctions in California, especially San Diego area that anyone knows of? Been looking on the nets but so far been unable to find anything that wasn’t essentially a sketchy craigslist or Facebook listing.

Just to post an update, since I saw no one here posted anything. I spoke to the auction house and was told that they still had a significant amount of scooters leftover and that they were still deciding what to do with them. They took my name, number and how many scooters I wanted and told me that someone would contact me soon. Call and ask about the scooters and they should be able to help. Also they were originally being sold for between $155 (for 1) to $105 (per scooter if you buy a lot of 100).

Contact info:
Seibert’s Auto Auction:
642 W Southside Plaza St.
Richmond, VA 23224

TheJas0n wrote:
Tue Jun 18, 2019 9:26 pm
Ugh. The only week I can’t go grab one of these. If someone is going from the DC area, hit me up...
Jason, If you want any ninebots hit me up. I'm in Baltimore and can sell some. They all work but have a non- functional dash. I also have a few 356's that have bird hardware removed but not up and running with a new circuit board yet but I could throw my dash in to show you they are all in good working order. You can email me at [email protected] if I don't respond on here..


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