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Enjoy the juice

I want to ask if someone here can Read out the .hex from the american Versin of the Lime gen3.
I want to drive faster with my personal lime, but in Germany the scooters are limited to 20kmh.
In America they go 15mph what means 24kmh, and if we are lucky, we can compare the american
.hex with the german and find the place in the File wehere the Speed limitation is set.
I hope that someone can help me.

To read the Processor out, you need the stlink v2 or a clone, and the STvisual Programmer or Stlink Utility.
Then you have to remove the grey potting mass from the Controller of the Lime. You have now to reconnect the Controller to the Battery of the Scooter, and connect a battery charge to the charging port, the controller wakes up. Now connect the wires from the Stlink to the Controller the Pinout is in the Picture. You can now read the processor, and upload the readout here.
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