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Enjoy the juice
By Keelan Matthews
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I recently got a Lime scooter from an auction and went to unlock it and received this code as a text:


I have come up with some conclusions to this code.

1. AT+CMD=95949849,20190221 - This is the date of the scooter unlock (2019 February 21st)
2. 092238,130c,{0CC3:[1]}$- Connected to the top one, It is the Time (9:22:38) 9:22 PM
3. 092238,130c,{0CC3:[1]}$ - To remove $1 from the rider?
4. AT+CMD=95949849,20190221 - Unique code to identify the person unlocking the scooter

By Keelan Matthews
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6ixs6xsi6 wrote:
Fri Feb 22, 2019 4:45 am
How did you "apply" the code?
edit: and what model is the scooter?
I purchased the scooter from auction and when I was messing around I scanned the QR code on the Lime and it sent a text to a dummy phone that I put the sim from the green box from the Lime into.

NOTE: You are unable to text a simcard that code it will not work.

We have older sturdy Lime's
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By slabbe
I think it would be more interesting if you could sniff the UART communication between the brain (Phone/GPS etc) and the motor controller when unlocking.

By Keelan Matthews
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UPDATE; I’ve hacked the system jk I got another
lime from auction and before telling Lime it was sold to me i decided to unlock it then remove the box it still runs like a normal Lime bht no GPS basically i can keep it unlocked until the juice runs out but i think this could lead to some type of hotwire hack

By Flyinry
Nice i want to onow more as the gen 2.5 are no longer in my city its the gen3 now and i have a offline one i was told to bring it back online i need a magnet and to rub in on the green box while unlocking trying to unlock it thats what a corp hood worker told me

By Keelan Matthews
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I just did some research, Lime uses Twilio for their API and the Sim card's have the same 4 dot logo as the Twilio logo. So we now know that the computer / phone in the GPS connects to the API of Twilio's Lime page.

By Squanto2015
Ayden619 wrote:
Mon Mar 11, 2019 6:45 pm
How did you unlock the scooter inbred help
You pay to get it started up then unhook the box. After you remove the Brian you go on the app and end your ride. The scooter keeps going like normal until it dies.
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i let you know So did it work?