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Enjoy the juice

By Paulskel
I see you have unlocked the lime scooter and I assume you paid the unlock fee.
My problem with believing this works.
1 You paid to unlock.
2 You removed the front green box that holds the Gps and SIM card.
3 Now you can ride for free until the battery goes flat.

My question is , When you unlock the scooter and pay the fee, you are then charged from your account regardless a fee per minute.

so how are you riding for free? as your account is been charged whether you ride or not, which is nothing to do with scooter, and only stops charging you when you lock the lime.

Please explain how you ride for free?



By AlexRaftopoulos
He said he end the ride so he pays only the open fee..

hey I want an answer for something of topic plz. Had a lime scooter gen 2.5 3 days ago , 2 days ago the battery had juice idk how much I popped sparks 2 times and then I left it while I was working on other things but yesterday I took a look at the battery and it had 0 volts ... why? I will have a charger soon ao I will know if it got discharged but it can't go to 0 volts while u ain't using it can someone explain it cause I'm afraid of having to replace anything on the battery

By kevang9
Squanto2015 wrote:
Fri Apr 12, 2019 12:42 pm
Ayden619 wrote:
Mon Mar 11, 2019 6:45 pm
How did you unlock the scooter inbred help
You pay to get it started up then unhook the box. After you remove the Brian you go on the app and end your ride. The scooter keeps going like normal until it dies.
Does this also work with the Jump/Uber ES4 and SNSC scooters?? To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

By AdderallJones
Hey guys I'm pretty green with these limes, haha but seriously... So after reading this post you're telling me i can go find a lime, use my $1 unlock promo code then disco the box/brain or whatever, end the ride. And just keep on scootin' ll the way to Norfolk ?

By mjg59
This isn't an unlock code.


AT+: all messages must start with this
CMD=: this is a command rather than a configuration update (CFG) or query (QRY)
95949849: a TOTP password based on the IMEI of the scooter's modem
20190221092238: as you said, this is the date and time
130c: this is just a hexadecimal number that's incremented for every command
{0CC3:[1]}: this is a request that the scooter beep so it can be located
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