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I have a lime gen 3 scooter, and removed the black box who is inside the green box. I opened the black box, and looked inside to see whats inside. I disconnedted the little Battery inside the black box from the board, and looked at the board. Then i re assembled the box and the scooter, but the screen stays blank, it does not start anymore, does anyoe know, why it doesn´t start anymore? Did i broke the black box?
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I can, you can do virtually anything, if you have good enough connections, in this Case i have
the connections to Lime. But they don´t say me how i can unlock the scooter, its mine, so i do not want to use the app and pay for riding my own scooter. So i opened the box and looked inside, after re assembling, i noticed that the screen of the scooter does not work anymore, i do not know why, so i hope someone here can help me.
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i let you know So did it work?