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By SneakX
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has anyone more information about the new generation after the Gen3?
i heard they should get a replaceable battery like the Tier ES 400 too and can drive much more miles then the Gen3.

By M20001
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Yes I know someone who has seen those in France. He disassembled one and found out they have the same Internals than the Lime Gen3 but another Display (No LCD, instead 8 Sign LED Display) they can be hacked with my Firmware and the Controller and GPS Box is the same than the Lime Gen 3. They have the same electronic Parts as the Lime Gen 3 but another Frame and Display. I actually don´t know how its possible to open the battery Cover for the changeable Battery, we have none of those scooters in Germany. They have no Footbrake anymore but two brakes on the Handlebar.

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