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By E39
I have connected the controller via ST-Link2-adapter with ST-visual programmer (Windows). I'm not able to erase or flash the memory.

"The device is protected".

Any idea to switch off the write protection?

RDP is off.

Thanks in advance.

Yeah I'm tripping out!!! I have flashed many ES4 ESC before and have never ran into this problem till now... if any one would be as to allow us to know a solution to this problem please do share... that way we can do less typing and more scoot scooten that would be great!!! Thanks fellas!!!

Yeah I hope we find a solution to this little problem we share... before it becomes a bigger pain in the neck than it already is!!! I have tried about all the options there is to be able to write in the values??? With no luck... have never had more seen this problem before. Please do share if you find a solution, as will I. Thank you.

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As soon as I connect the controller to the pc with the st-link, the display of the lime 3.0 red is not available
can lime not flash message on the pc, no connection to the device possible ????
please help me

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