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By Ayden619
I have a wheels foldable scooter bike I have removed GPS but don't know how to get the thing going or to make it work so it can ride someone please helppppp

By lilscoot
hey i can’t find anything online about who makes those bikes for wheels.
if you can find out who makes them you can just buy the replacement parts to make the bike back to stock.

if you can’t find specific parts it might be a little harder.
take apart the bike to find the motor wires and the battery wires.
you can buy a control board on ebay that will hook up to the battery and motor wires and then buy a display.

accerator runs to display, display runs to control board, control board runs to battery and motor wires.
if you have his setup it should work with the battery and motor on he bike

if you can find the replacement parts i would guess you just need a new motherboard. but you might need a new control board and motherboard to get it working

By Ayden619
Hey bro look up I walk urban 2 foldable e bike I cant find any replacement parts and I have the bike with me can get it going tho someone help it's called a
I walk urban 2 e bike

By lilscoot
add more pictures!!!!!
if you can get pictures of the battery, the circlet board that the battery and motor plug into and then whatever that circlet board plugs into.

the pictures you gave look like the control board and you probably red to replace that.

just buy a control board on ebay with a dash and just wire the battery and motor into the new control board and you should be all set to ride

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