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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and have been reading this post specifically religiously to try and make sure I got all the details correct. Let me first elaborate where I'm at with all this: I have acquired two birds with the brains where the dash should be. Lucky me, at the same auction I found two jump scooters next to my birds for near nothing. So I take all four home, take the controler as well as the battery out of one bird disconnect them both, then connect the battery to the controler, then the controler to the jump dash. I haven't put them back in the tube yet just in case I missed something. I haven't disassembled anything from the other bird except in the case of the handle bars, just in case I don't have to. With all that said I'll accompany a picture of their current state for reference. Now from what I've been been reading all I have to do is wait for them to automatically unlock? Thank you for your input sorry if my question seems repetitive as well.
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Quick update: so completely reasembled the disassembled scooter, charged it as well the extended battery to full, let it sit overnight with the kick stand down, while up this morning, kicked up the kick stand pressed the power button, and the dash beeped, flashed and went dark just as described it would, only no led head light, and when I throttled it it did nothing but sit there and blink it's back lights in about once second intervals. That's actually the only sign of life im getting from this thing. I kinda expected this to happen just am not sure why. The control board still blinks red and green in no irregular manner, and the battery is blinking blue. Did I do something wrong or miss something entirely? Any suggestions would be much appreciated

Same here So can someone tell me what button c
combinations do what? I've got the spin handlebars on a bird, One press turns it on, 2 presses turn on the headlight and a turns it off. My question is how do I control the Disco lights on the footboard and how do I know which speed setting I'm in? Or will it just be just on/off and the headlight?

Can some one one help me out I bought a auction es2 hade a black gps box on top i took it off charged it got a dash off amozon down loaded the app it found my es2 but couldn't connect to my scooter....control board looks fine looks brand new even tried to disconnected and hook it back up still nothing .can some one tell me wat to do please

I recently purchased an es4 on facebook. Guy told me it was a "basic" ES4 without bluetooth. From what ive read in this thread it seems to be a Bird scooter. The scooter rides fine but there is nothing on the dash other than the initial flash on powering on.
My question is this, can I just order a new dashboard/flash the current one back to stock, or do I need to do something to the controller?
Thanks in advance

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