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I am so late for the news, Superped/Link probably flipped in Berkeley, but looks like VEO has also flipped in Berkeley too. Uncertain of the future that holds for the Micromobility Company, They remain unprofitable despite the high costs of operating there, not to mention the areas they are operating in. Lime still remains in Oakland and Emeryville, CA despite them still using fleet managers and cheap scooters like they do in San Jose, which they figured how to hold on to for quite a long time. Although Veo Still sells their Cosmos online at veoride[.]com as of this posting, for a 2.9K bike, might still lack the IOT features from the application, So if I didn't mention, try not to purchase their proprietary bikes, unless it comes with lifetime free maintenance and warranty on their products with hassle free exchanges, because it seems you can't even geofence the e-bike, (slow zones, parking zones, etc) with no client app in between. Also, the bike doesn't even come with text to unlock, which is a deal breaker because there is no manual way of unlocking your product and riding it, and you also have the hassle of charging it.

Also, Bird Rides Acquire Spin, Becoming one of the largest* Micromobility Companies for about a while now, while they can't even bother to fix the issues alongside Text to Unlock, They introduced Text to Unlock for a easier way for non-smartphone individuals that are below poverty guidelines to ride their scooters, which of course is very appreciated, despite hard times and increasing inflation, however, their system is kinda busted, where you can't end your ride, so the scooter usually just times out. Next, on some scooters at some markets, after it times out, you have to call rider support to unlock their scooters again and "pay" for overage that shouldn't have happened. To end the ride, an individual would have to call rider support every time to end their ride, or call them to start the ride again, which maybe costs more than fixing the issue, although factoring support agents are probably overseas. Also, when you offer X amount of Y minutes of rides, it should be reasonable to automatically end the ride within Y minutes regardless of location, because they can't put an end ride button on their scooters itself, or instructions on how to end the ride by holding down a certain combination on the scooter. And most importantly, to allow the user to end the ride pretty much anywhere, without limitations, because you probably didn't provide a paper map for the rider, and of course, when the riser is temporarily going outside service areas to run errands and so on so forth.
Honestly a perfect system would be as follows: a poverty user text the scooter ID or tap their transit card to the scooter to start, the scooter announces safety tips and rider info and instructions, then the rider rides the scooter, the user is expected to return the scooter to service zone parked correctly when finished, to end the ride the transit card or holding both brakes down for 5-10 seconds ends the ride and the scooter announces trip information/results.

Yes, compare that to Lime Text to Unlock and Lime Access, which is much more expensive, and their Text to Unlock stopped working, so I hope Lime goes ahead and fixes that, even if a push from the city is needed before their permits disappear.

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jhondo wrote:
Sat Apr 06, 2024 5:43 pm
Update, Link folded and went out of business, selling the buissnes in urope and at least 50,000 of there fleet went up for auction. Scooters left all over here in LA, never picked them up, especially in down town....the us market shut down completely

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