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By Martog
jamiesj410 wrote:
Thu Jan 23, 2020 11:04 am
Any one get there’s yet mine is supposed to be here tomorrow.
I really doubt we’re getting these things. I think this is a scam seller as this product was only sold by this new seller as well as another seller Sitian who’s reviews are full of complaints of orders never being fulfilled.

I’m not sure how the scam seller would benefit though. If we don’t get our scooters Amazon should be refunding us (I hope). Or we file a complaint with our CC companies. But how does the seller get paid without us getting scooters??

That being said, I got this:
Tracking ID: UT991329371CN

Which is probably fake as well.

Mine is also scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Anyone get anything different?

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By Edmund
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@Martog don't give up hope yet. My tracking number says something was loaded on a flight today bound for LAX.

I found to be the best site to track the package. Here is the link for your tracking number.

Here is a screenshot of my package's trip. It definitely won't be here by tomorrow.

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By Martog
Thanks @Edmund for this additional info!
I wasnt aware of this tracking site.

Here’s hoping that my skepticism is misplaced as it does appear something is moving somewhere.
It is interesting that our orders were placed about 90 minutes apart but the shipment info for our two orders do not correlate at all.

But it looks like your shipment is 3 days ahead of mine so you’ll know the results first.
Fingers crossed!

Hey Guys!

I also ordered this scooter. I actually ordered it on the 10th. According to the JustTrackThis tracking site, it left on a plane to LAX on the 16th. After that, I haven't received a single update. My co worker ordered one as well. Weirdly enough, his left from a different area in china and his also left on a flight to LAX but a day later, the 17th. Also, the flight was a passenger flight? weird... But i'm waiting this one out a big longer to see what happens before i request a refund.
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By Martog
Has anyone received any updates?
My (supposed) tracking number hasn’t show any movement in several days.

I’m starting to wonder if these are not just random tracking numbers that they assigned to our orders. It doesn’t make much sense that packages would be coming from different areas of China as it’s more likely that these would come out of the exact same factory.


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