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By Sc00tr
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Last update was 3 days ago for me
Martog wrote:
Sun Jan 26, 2020 6:44 pm
Has anyone received any updates?
My (supposed) tracking number hasn’t show any movement in several days.

I’m starting to wonder if these are not just random tracking numbers that they assigned to our orders. It doesn’t make much sense that packages would be coming from different areas of China as it’s more likely that these would come out of the exact same factory.


Did you receive the email about bad weather from amazon? Or USPS? or China mail?

I logged into the USPS site today and it still says there are ZERO packaged scheduled to arrive at my house in the future. I'm starting to think it's a lost cause.

By Martog
I requested and received my refund from Amazon already.

The sellers feedback is now full of complaints that no one has received their packages.

I’m still wondering how this seller benefits from this. Presumably the seller is not being paid by Amazon until after an order is received, so what do they gain by taking fraudulent orders?

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