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I am planning to join the community and buy my first escooter this year.

I am probably going to choose the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro series escooter because I need something reliable and foldable to cover some distance between various public transport services and being able to bring the folded escooter in bus / tram / metro (it is not against any rules and folding reduces it to just baggage). The Xiaomi seems to also have a big community and good availability of various accessories and spare parts.

But I am also very careful about the head protection - I have a cycling helmet but assume the possible falls from escooter are different. I am definitely planning the escooter just as means of transport, not for risky ride or doing stupid adrenaline tricks but I can't rule out a collision caused by another rider.

Would you recommend to choose a helmet from those skateboard / inline series - for example K2 Varsity or one of those entry-level motorbike ones designed for those "city scooters"? Because the price range is almost the same.



I dare not estimate the degree of head protection in a fall - which one is better... The motorbike one has road certificate so theoretically might be better and is slightly heavier - possible with worse ventilation - bad in summer but no problem during spring / autumn...

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