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By Lenni
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Hi, I used my UART 2102 and Ninebot IAP 2.5.2 to my ES4 scooter a few months ago, I reinstalled my Win 8.1 and now the Ninebot IAP program can't connect to serial port, it says there is no availible serial port.

I remember I had some additional win driver, then restart my PC. Or I also wrote some command in DOS to activate my tools?
Pls advise.

I order an ST-link and dl STM32 ST-Link program, error, it says mfc140dll is missing. I tried to reinstall but the same. Or I use the wrong program? Or how to activate the ST-Link? I never used it before, I will try to flash a Max control board.
I'm thankful for help or maybe some link.

Lenni, Sweden

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