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So I just got in my new boards from a seller on eBay and they are the real deal but the scooter will still not connect via the Segway Ninebot app and the power button does nothing. When I plus the board in all I get is all the light on the board are on showing full battery and nothing happens when I press the power button. Can’t tuen it off or change any modes. I can take the scooter out side and throttle works but and the brake light is working but that’s it. Do I need to flash it in order to be able to do anything? Someone mentioned it could be locked and if so how can it be locked if I removed the old brain? Kind of stumped here and any help would be appreciated.

This one says ninebot and has the little orange dot next to it. Not sure how to add a photo here but the board looks legit. Wish someone had any idea so I can get this thing running.

How about flashing? I’m gong to try and flash it to see if that works. Just not sure how to do with an iPhone.

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