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By Dee_nice2
Hey everybody hope everybody safe and healthy!

So I got few questions as of now and possibly more later as i go along. So someone like maybe two weeks left a damaged bird on my property awhile ago the head of it half broken and the mother a 1/4 of it is broken off and I want to see if I can make into a little personal scooter for my nieces (Since BIRD doesnt want to pick it up anymore). I wanted know what pieces do I need to convert it completely I'm under the impression I need a motherboard but a oem one but there isnt any available like on ninebot website so does anyone know of website where I can genuine one or one that is modified so you can run without a serial number check.
I havent done anything to it seriously just took the the top part off it.
Thank you just trying to pass the time with new project

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