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I have the 2000w dual motor 52v Janobike scooter.

One day after braking really harshly, the scooter kept turning itself off. I would just turn it on and go about as normal. Then lights started staying on or not turning on etc, then eventually scooter would not turn on at all.

So i bought a new lcd throttle and 2 new controllers , front and rear.

Now having wired them up only one of the motors work.

So the front motor is wired to the front controller this works fine. The second controller is bridged off the first controller and the rear motor is wired to the second controller.

Both motors work as i have wired them both to the first controller and they both spin.

Here is a image of everything wired up :
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The controller on your right works fine, i can wire it up independently with 1 motor no problem.

The controller on your left is bridged from the first controller by the black and white wires you can see going between them. The rear motor is wired to this controller and nothing happens.

There is actually 2 sets of black and white wires both identical, i have tried them both.


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