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By bogdan Grad
Hi, I need some help with my Hover-1 Eagle. Is not working anymore, it goes off when I press throttle or brake and it won't come back on only after a while. i checked visually everything, battery is fully charged, 40.1 v (20 cells, 36 v 10s2p), the front wheel is not sucked. i don`t know where to start .

By Geekwake
1. I see. Have you checked the battery manually?? I mean, keep the scooter's wheels above the ground and then try to twist the throttle, if the wheels move, even slowly, then the problem might be related to your battery or the motor.
2. Check the motor by opening it up, there might be something stuck inside it. Or any kind of short circuit.
3. If you haven't fixed any electronics before, or if you are afraid that you'll mess it up. Then don't do it, contact a local electrician to fix it. If you have any further queries then contact me on my website, Geekwake. To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

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