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By Dre Kay
Hi everyone!

Just created an account to ask for help so please let me know if I am breaking any rules.

I have dug out my 1800w brushless set up I originally bought for a mobility scooter but have now decided to use in a scooter I recently bought.
The kit is brand new never been used and batteries are brand new.

I have wired everything up and cannot get constant power!

The motor will spin for about a second maybe less with minimal power then cut off, if I blip the throttle it will do the same, spin for a little then stop.

I am getting just over 48v from my batteries and used 12 gauge wiring for them so don’t think it’s a battery issue.

Any suggestions as to why I would get this?

I have connected the throttle, motor cables, power cables, motor block connector, on/off switch, jumped the forward/reverse wire so it’s only forward and jumped the stalls wire so it’s on high power. I have left all the other wires redundant and charged my batteries separate from a 48v charger that came with my kit.

Is there anything stupid I may be doing? I am thinking maybe I have a dodgy speed controller or motor but wanted to know if there is a possibility I am doing something stupid before I order any new parts.

Thank you all!


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By Back Slash Krash
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Probably yer not giving the controller enough power. At 1800w i assume its expecting at least 60 volts. so when its only getting 54v. Or there abouts. It shuts off to protect tge batteries which it thinks are dead

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