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Advice on Using Battery from ninebot or bird scooter(xiaomi m365) for my Ebike conversion kit (dif. connectors)

Hi. I was wondering if anyone knows about using scooter batteries for a ebike rear hub motor kit?

the batteries are 36v -187 amp-hour , and a 36v 287 amp-hour.
the rear wheel hub motor is a 300watt 36v, or i also have a 500watt 36v motor.
i only want to run one at a time not in parallel.

Is it possible to simply soder the batteries with different connectors and then wire the batteries to the controller that comes with the ebike kit and ebike rear wheel motor? will controllers for a 36v motor work with any 36v battery?

the ebike motor has an XT60 or XT90 connector
and the batteries have a smaller connector similar to a mini-Tamiya or EC3 ( e-flite) connector
both connectors have similar size gauge red and black wires coming from them.


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