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While adjusting my disk brake on a recently purchased chinese electric scooter
i noticed close the front wheel disc brake they were thick 2 screws
sticking out on the side of the suspension.
they are literally 0.1cm distance from the disk brake almost like they are touching each other .
The disk brake in the front of the scooter is too close to the thick screws mount.
If riding fast and the disc brake somehow manages to hit one of those screw sticking
out on the side i am sure it's going to cause a bad crash.
The disk brake has different holes in the middle so when they spin if it hit the screw you can imagine disaster.
A lot of these model are sold in Alibaba and Aliexpress avoid buying them.
I have raised this issue with the factory selling them
but they refusing to recall them
What do you guys think i have a video of the issue below?


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