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By Koobdan
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I've been charging for a couple of weeks now and know their are Bird Chargers and Bird Mechanics. When I was waiting to get my chargers I came across an article that mentioned Bird Watchers. Since I wasn't signing up to be a Watcher I didn't think anything of it at the time. Now I'm curious what Bird Watchers do and unable to find the article.

Is anyone out there a Bird Watcher?

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By guisar
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The Bird Watcher is an hourly position. The job involves monitoring and communicates with hoarders through the app. They are able to file a police report on Bird's behalf if needed.

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By Koobdan
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After some more searching I came across an article that mentions Bird Watchers. They are Bird employees that go around the city and make sure scooters are parked appropriately. Sounds like a nice way to get paid for a walk around the city.

Does anyone know how to apply?

Article: Bird to roll out features to help people with disabilities
LaFaver said the company is working on implementing a group called "Bird watchers." These would be community members employed by Bird to keep the sidewalks clear.

By Draken8606
It's not as easy as it sounds but then again they get paid to ride scooters all day. There not call bird watchers anymore there called Zone Operators because there are different zones they all work in. They have to scan each and every scooter they come across if its damaged they report it and it gets pinged on the map for a driver to come by and pick up the damaged one. They have to move all the damaged ones they find into a nest that is accessible for the driver. They have to clean up the birds and make them nice and neat. They are also sometimes given special task to go hunt a single bird out of some reason or another. Not sure if you guy ever heard that there was a OKB or tank on the streets of SM that actually hit 35 mph oh and believe me they can hit 35mph I've done it before. Once the company found out about it they sent a bug on it and it got picked up by a ZO and taken to the service center. Still sounds easy but it's not.


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