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By rikkkkie
My son buy an electric scooter 2 days ago. He was happy, he use his own pocket money. Today coming to me because he had some problem with the new toy. Is just stoped. I really dont know how dos it work. We try to call the seller but is not picked up the phone any more. So we are alone with that problem.
So just now i find that forum.
We have a Ninebot KickScooter ES2, sombody tell me have a app which need to register.
Today i find the app, downloaded to the phone, we charge it full, and find the bluetooth connection and I find a reset video as well so try to do that.
I find a name maybe the previous owner when we try to the bluetooth connection. How can we delete that name? Or how can we use that scoolter. The new owner is my son so we setup a new account for him.
But i dont know what is the next step? What can we do? I am not a tech guy, give me some help.

Thank you in advance.

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