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Just found a scooter at the Cootie Store, and upon loading it, the batteries fell out and pulled much of the wiring loose at the joints as the floorboard wasn't secured and I didn't notice. It appears to be a bit older (mid/late 1990's, early 2000's') as the speed control is just a cubical box and all the lights are incandescent. The floorboard has Lightning, but otherwise it has no identification that I can find. It looks nothing like the Pulse Lightning scooter I keep finding, though, as it has a seat and rides on 12.5 inch bicycle tires. It is pushed around by chain drive with a 24 volt 250 watt motor. So far, looking for a wiring diagram has led me nowhere, though. Aside from guessing, is there a rough standard I can go by on the wiring (with lights, all 24 volt I think, as well as the power meter and 3 position ignition switch) to get the wiring correct?


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