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Changing the way we think about travel
By Scooter_boi
Note: This is all from my experience with Lyft and is all opinionated.

It seems like Lyft is struggling with the war on scooters.

Ever since day one of me riding Lyft scooters it seems that their scooters seem to be riddled with defects and dangerous issues. And it's not the scooter itself that is causing these defects and issues, it's the poor maintenance and how the public treats these vehicles.

First of all, in my opinion, the Segway Ninebot ES4 is not a fleet-grade scooter that should be used in these conditions and the fact that Lyft is not maintaining these things well is even worse. Every Lyft scooter I come across is always scratched up and always seems like it's on its last leg. And altough every Lime scooter I come across is also scratched up, it never feels like it's gonna break apart the second I ride it. With Lyft, I have come across lots of vandalized scooters and poorly maintained scooters with broken brake lights, jammed wheels with gum stuck on them (yes, it happens), and straight up broken scooters with the circle around the QR flashing red saying It's broken and unavailable. This is straight up unacceptable and a for a company like this to not care about their vehicles is shocking.

One time, I was riding a Lyft scooter and pressed the electronic break. All of a sudden, the scooter wouldn't accelerate anymore and soon my ride was automacitly ended and the circle around the QR code was flashing red. I have reported scooters from Lyft all the time and all they seem to do is give you a refund (only if the fare is less than five dollars) and don't bother to come and pick up the damn thing. I remember reading somewhere that 100 mechanics working for Lyft were laid off because "business got slow" as in they ran out of money to pay the mecainics.

Anyways, I'll stop ranting here since it seems like I have shared enough. Keep in mind that all of this is from my personal experience and is opitionated.

Feel free to leave any comments or other experiences you have had with this company.

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