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By atlakeem
I've actually had my chargers for a month and havent started. Hopefully will this weekend. I could use the extra cash. I'll be browsing the forums to see what tips for success I can gather.

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By Rocksta87
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Atlanta here too. It'll likely take a few times out before you get the hang of it. The rush of capturing your first couple of scooters is worth it!

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By GiPstr
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Stone Mountain mechanic here. Have been signed up as a mechanic for a few months now. Unfortunantly haven repaired any birds yet! Marta diesel tech schedule is very consuming. Looking to start making repairs within the next 2 weeks. Any other techs in the area that can give some noob pointers?

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By druinthor
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Welcome @GiPstr ! Fellow ATL mechanic here as well.

Since you're heading into the city to pick up your Birds you'll want to go at a time when you have the highest probability of bringing back a full load of scooters. For me that in the morning before 7am to pick up the damaged Birds the chargers set out.

Can be easy pickings! Although others have figured this out as well and it can get competitive.

By mochapup
Also in Atlanta!

I'm thinking of becoming a charger, I take night classes at GSU and could gather up some scooters a couple nights a week and release them in the morning on my way to work.

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