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By karkesarke
Edward wrote:
Thu May 16, 2019 6:08 pm
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I would not recommend hitting the reset button. I was having issues with mine putting out 40+vdc and it kept blowing up my controller. I tried the reset button and it went from a blue flashing led to a red one. Now it only puts out 3.7vdc when I connect the top piece and without it I have 40vdc.
I have same problem. im take off from another scooter bms connect to my old demage scooter and i have same problem with 2 battery.i think when im change bms from bad battery to good battery i have 2 dead battery To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

By mikes
Ok, my internal battery has output 3.7v flashing blue light, but when I connect it to the scooter controllerr and try to turn it on, nothing happens.
karkesarke wrote:
Wed Nov 20, 2019 8:01 am
mikes wrote:
Tue Nov 19, 2019 2:04 pm
What is the normal battery output with bms? 3.5V?
With bms about 2-3v without bms 40v

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By MooseMasterF
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I am also experiencing the blinking blue LED on my battery when it is disconnected and then when i connect it, i get nothing in response from the scooter, as in i am Unable to power the scooter on when the battery is connected.

Is blinking blue indicator light a normal thing? Does blinking blue have any meaning? I'm just assuming it is better than flashing red... but as it is when i attempt to use the battery connected to my ES1 i dont have any luck even hearing a single beep or anything.

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By 0E800
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I was able to solve the 3 short 1 long red blink by testing the voltages between the 10 power packs.
tldr; the red blinking light on the battery is probably due to major differences between the voltages that need to be in sync. Battery packs need to be load balanced.

Using a multi-meter I tested the 10 points to verify which sets had lower voltage and used the inside module of a cell phone battery charger pack (which also has same size batteries) with alligator clips to bring all 10 packs to same 3.7-ish voltage. There are not exact yet, but I noticed that when I tried reconnecting to the m365 charger, that it not longer blinked 3-4 red blinks. I also noticed the charger turned from Green to Red whereas before it would only show Green. When the charger is unplugged, the battery now blinks blue.

Attached images:
Using multi-meter to test voltage between the 10 points of contact.
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The module I used to regulate the voltages (charge or discharge)
Sample battery pack that would have the module (if you don't want to wait or order from China)
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Using the module paired with alligator clips to charge the m365 individual clusters (there are 10)
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Watch these youtube video for reference first:

This one is helpful if you have issue with Z-fuze

Hope this helps.

By Mufeed
It has no thing to do with control board and the charger, I changed both of them and still have the same problem.
Pls if you are not sure do not let the people buy and change stuff.

By Mufeed
I have the same problem, it is flashing 6 times red and then stop, I checked the battery voltage it has around 3 volts, pls if you found the problem let me know. Thx in advance .

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