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By Harryesd
Mufeed wrote:
Wed Feb 26, 2020 8:03 pm
It has no thing to do with control board and the charger, I changed both of them and still have the same problem.
Pls if you are not sure do not let the people buy and change stuff.
Did you get any further with this problem? I have same fault and have also changed controller and charger (BEFORE I seen your post)
kind regards

By Teslaguy
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It means your BMS went bad. If you're an expert solderer you may be able to replace the BMS which isn't worth the time if you ask me. Otherwise, you'll need a new battery, which isn't too expensive on eBay if you're willing to get a used one.

By meister_sd
I have a couple batteries doing the same. I disassembled one and swapped the top BMS board with a known good and it started working. I then took the "bad" board and put it on the good battery pack and it just blinked red. So..... Yeah, the BMS is bad. I tried this with a few boards I have laying around and found one good one and the others bad, that's why they got tore down for batteries.

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