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By M365GUY
Ninebot Max running the new Flipsky 75100 VESC at 20s4p 84v 100 amp continuous. Not that my pack can output 100 amps but that's what the controller can do. Fully programmable via VESC tool 3.0. FOC sinewave , completely silent, smaller than the original max controller. The only thing it's really missing is a dedicated power on /off output,but that's pretty much standard of all VESC controllers. The nice thing about this VESC is it comes in a aluminum case unlike most pcb only vescs that are just the board wrapped in shrink wrap. For a little over 100$ delivered this controller is what I have been waiting for. There is nothing on the market that is even close to what Flipsky is offering in the 75100. The confusing part is how the named it, typically with most other VESC designs the maximum voltage / amps is listed in its name. So 75/100 would have you think that 75 volts was absolutely Max. However that's not the case with this one, it's rated at 90v max and perfectly safe at 20s,or 84v fully charged. That leaves a 6v headway for voltage spikes from regen brakes,which works perfectly.

Finally a tiny high voltage high power controller that is fully programmable and running FOC. It doesn't get much better than this.
By M365GUY

Didn't think these tires would fit at first but with a little modification and some hardcore swearing I got the rear done. Now for the front, will require a complete new wider / longer fork to fit these 11x 3.25x6.5 TUOVT tubeless tires.
There actually a 90/65-6.5 and they were much easier to get on the rim than I thought it would be. Having a big bench vise is the difference I think. You can squeeze the tire to break the bead to remove the old tire and do the reverse to mount the new one.
I don't see very much info online about different tire options but for anyone else who wants something other than the small stock tires there are some options. I could have gone with something smaller and not had to do any frame or fork mods. But I wanted to go big.
Will see how much of a b*tch it's going to be to fab a new fork. Would really like a suspension fork but they all look so cheesy.
By M365GUY
:| Image

These tires look sick .. working on a new wider fork. Got the front tire mounted and everything mocked up. Just need to weld it up tomorrow and I should be rolling.
By M365GUY
Finished the new front fork and got it put back together. It has a tiny slant to the front which I was trying to keep to a minimum. But since the back didn't change and the front was made a little longer it was inevitable. To have enough clearance for the front tire the stock fork had to be replaced with a custom build fork. Luckily I had some bent tubing I used since I don't have a bender, but still had to make the bends longer. Surprisingly it came out pretty good. Had to use the steering tube off the stock one, as well as the brake cable bracket.
Also built new wider angled handlebars, I can't stand the narrow straight stock bars. These are a nice wide 24" bar and feels about right for me. The ends are angled in about 10 degrees.
By M365GUY
I don't know why uploading pictures is so jenky on here, half the pictures I upload don't show up. Sorry about any duplicates.
By M365GUY
Project Ninebot Max Ultimate is complete.
Some project specs.
Ninebot Max G30 stock frame and rear hub motor.
Controller: programmable Flipsky FS75100
Battery: 20s4p Panasonic 18650BD 72v /84v fully charged
Brakes: front drum ; rear electronic Regen
Tires: 90/65-6.5 All Terrain Tubeless (11x3.25x6.5 )
Handlebars 24" custom , front fork custom
Top speed: 41.5 mph ( faster with larger battery pack)
0-30: approximately 7 seconds
30-0 braking : approximately 60'

I'm running the motor in FOC so it doesn't have a huge starting torque, rather it's pretty weak feeling compared to a square wave. However once it gets moving it takes off like a rocket. I would like to find a higher torque setting to help with take off starts. I wanted to build this scooter to be as light as possible with nothing added to the steering post. The most cells I could fit worked out to be 20s4p and with 10 amp cells I'm not even using half of what the controller can output. So my options are to either build a new pack with higher output cells or add another pack in parallel and mount it to the steering post. Guess another option could be to extend the base and figure out how to fit more cells in there. However 40 mph on a stick with wheels already feels like possible death if something bad happens, so maybe I should just leave it alone and call this one DONE!

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