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By Rogoberto
Hello all

Does any one have info about how to flash scsc 2,4?

Thanks a lot
By Rk2022
I’m trying to figure this out it’s not ST link no more
By admin
I think I have found a way to unlock the snsc 2.4 and I think it could also work on 2.3, I will do a tutorial if you are interested.
By Rk2022
Alright mate could you be abill to do that bypass on a SNSC 2.4 Latest model I’m from Bristol we have voi so there ones don’t have any lcd screen just flashing lights trying to see if the dash can be flashed
By Mr.dott
I tried it with a dott, installed latest version of IAP, drivers of uart and connected the cables together but when I connect, it says connected in green and then no connection I guess because when I unlock it doesn’t work when I plug it back on the scooter. I tried with a multimeter at the pins on the lot and there is tension, so the problem is not from my cable connection. Maybe I misunderstood something but it seems like you are connected to the lot AND the scooter at the same time but I don’t understand how because there is only 1 green 5 pins July cable on the scooter and it’s to plug the iot. To be more clear, what I did is that i that I unplugged the iot from the scooter, followed the step including connecting it to the uart and unlock it, then I plug it back on and it doesn’t work, I think I’m missing a part ( maybe because of my French English 😬). Anyway I hope you can help me !
By asunawa
Same thing here. SNSC 2.4. Disconnected IOT and connect uart module.
"Connect" became green for 3-5 sec, then grey. :roll:
By asunawa
vicenetefernandez wrote:
Tue Apr 11, 2023 4:30 pm
Has anyone downloaded the Pdf file, and did the instructions work
I tried.
Cant connect to scooter via UART. Checked wiring 3 times.

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