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By Ktackett1
Which firmware version allows you to change the serial # and how do you do so? I want access to my lights too. My roommate has a personal version of an ES4 and not a bird conversion and he has access to his lights on the Android app, I do not.
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toomanytweets wrote:
Sun Aug 04, 2019 11:12 am
I have an auctioned Jump ES4 that I flashed the dash with STlink, and then the batteries and controller. I have everything but the underlight controls.

BMS141 (both batteries)
Android Ninebot app

I changed the serial from N2LUXxxxxxxxx to N2LTXxxxxxxxxx, per instructions, but still no lights in my app.

Am I missing something more here? Does anyone have an example of what they changed to get the lights? Do I maybe need to flash a fulldump to the contoller? Any ideas? Is it an Apple app thing only?

Check the bottom of the Scooter. Most SNSC's do not have lights on the bottom.

By charlieroxx
Donttalktome wrote:Hi anybody out there want to flash my dash for a few bucks? I need my disco lights on the board to dance. I have an ES4 with a flashed rental controller. DM me pls. Thx. Oh and pls be in Los Angeles.
I can help u out with that

By Scarykid
riclove8312 wrote:
Wed Aug 21, 2019 2:46 am
Can someone please help me I bought auctioned Segway ES1 that hade the black top box on the top I took it off and bought a new Dash I'm trying to pull up the nanobot Segway app a pulls it up finds my scooter but will not let me connect and I cannot ride my scooter how can I get it to connect please help
You posted the same thing twice, without deciding to add any grammar or use any, which I wouldn't think necessary given the vocab selection, spell check? Yikes, it may get you more help if you drop the run on sentences and didn't make it painstakingly obvious that you stole a rental scooter off the street ... Food for thought...

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