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Hi - I want to ensure I don't get the wrong scooter: I'd like to purchase an m365 PRO and not just the m365 or mijia falsely labeled as m365 PRO. Where would be the best place to purchase one?

Additionally - are all new m365 pros modifiable in terms of power / speed limit removal?

Thanks and please excuse the simple / basic question asking.

Koolkidcharles wrote:
Tue Sep 17, 2019 4:44 pm
Try eBay, they also have buyer protection so you won’t get scammed.
Got it and that's a good point. I'm worried about not actually receiving the pro version or getting a clone. Here is one I found that seems to be legitimate:

And, Amazon has one for pre-sale ready to be released 10 days from now:

Anything in particular to lookout for to confirm it is the proper model?

Thanks for your help!

Or possibly someone like me who can build them better than the factory , but they don’t fold, nor do the have any suspension. P.m. me and I’ll check my parts tonight and see if I have enough to build a PRO as I have a couple dashes I found lost in chaos.


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