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Greetings to all local experts. I am a newcomer in this area, but technically quite proficient. Could any of you experienced tell me what model of shared scooter it is.
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And quite hypothetically ... if I bought this scooter from someone. What a chance I would have. Use personally without problems? Another hypothetical question, I have not read anywhere about aluminum foil and GPS .. theoretically after wrapping the scooter in aluminum foil, GPS should not be functional and traceable. I'm interested for a purely informative reason. I'm interested for a purely informative reason. Thank you to everyone for your willingness. I apologize for the translation errors.

The Internet has changed a lot in the last 10 years. It is very difficult to find the right information on sensitive or forbidden topics. It used to be easier. I'm also surprised that local criminals have long since seized the chances of shared scooters. After all, those scooters have some value. If only the price of the battery and engine. It will go on sale. Or what's the catch? I live in a country where there is misery, people are forced to work for alms. Nevertheless, he does not seem interested in this possible source of income.

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