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By dexter
Hi everyone,

Im new here and im glad i found this forum, a lot of good stuff here...

I have inmotion L8F, which i like due to its small footprint, nice design and so on.
Since i weight about 110kg, you already know how this goes... acceleration is not so great, spead gets up to 26km/h with my weight, maybe 28 on good days, but it drops fast as battery drops few percents.

I was looking around for some customization and nothing... no custom firmware, no nothing was i able to find. Heck, why... why...?

So my thought was to add rear wheel motor and make it dual drive in order to maybe get more torque/acceleration, speed is not so much important to me, i would be happy with sustainable 30-35 km/h (atleast short-term).
Also battery pouch would get along.

But here is where i get so many questions in my head...

1. Which motor should i use? Do i need to use same motor on back and front?

2. Which controllers would make all this work fine?

3. Will my screen and other stuff still work when i switch controllers?

4. Could m365 controllers work with my screen and bluetooth internals?

Sooo many questions and i cant find any info regarding this scooter i have, and sooo much info is available on m365... damn, i feel like a snowflake. To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

If you guys have any experiance/suggestions i would really appreciate it.

thanks in advance

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