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I was able to successfully convert my Bird zero and also a new Tier from the DIY kit that I got. The kit is at: ... ES200.html

Any questions let me know, the instructions were easy to follow. The drill bit I had to get was a 20mm one from Amazon. The Torx screwdrivers I bought I Castorama but I guess you can get them from any hardware shop or Amazon.
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Stradonitz wrote:
Thu Oct 31, 2019 2:21 pm
I order the kit, I keep you informed when I receive it
I took the Bird Zero / Manual / Electisan kit
Great! Thank you. Are you interested in reverse engineering this kit?
If yes, do you have an logic analyzer? The simple ones cost around 10$, are usb plugable. I could instruct you how to record.

But even if not: Please Photograph as much as you can when you receive it. The parts, the instruction, etc.
You would help us a lot.
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