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By admin00
Hi I have a Bird Electric Scooter I want to ask if anyone knows how to make a bypass on a gps ????
and this is a photo of the gps :
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By 1215941571
To bypass the GPS you could potentially pry it off, or if you just want to block the gps signal you can wrap the bird box in tinfoil, i've found that works well. With a bit of tinkering, you can also make that button activate/deactivate the scooter by holding it for 2 seconds, using all the original hardware (just remove gps so you can't be tracked). If its in the original bird box, you can just fit a small paper clip inside to activate the scooter. I'm not sure if thats what you're going for.

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By Sc00tr
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Assuming you legally acquired it you can just take the gps box off and go about converting it normally, you don’t need to worry about them tracking you because you legally own it? Otherwise if you’re looking to do something with the gps tracker, such as repurposing it to track your own scooter then that is a bit more complicated but you’ll definitely need your own SIM card at the least.

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