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I don't have as much money as I thought I did and now thinking I might have to settle for the 18ah version of the Zero 10X; to save four hundred $$$$

Can any 18ah users of the Zero 10X comment on their experiences?

How heavy are you, what's your ride like and what range are you getting? I think the claim on eco mode is 60km all things being perfect and possibly a 70kg person. I would be happy with 40km range ... but don't want to lose out on power going the smaller battery? Should I not get the same kind of power, but just not for as long? Like I say, I could live with 40km round trips with only a 'few' bursts over 25kph.

Seems the 18ah version comes with mechanical disc brakes Vs hydraulic with is fine by me.

For some reason, one store is saying the dual engines are 1000watts and another is saying 800watts? The manufacturer currently states 1000watts

IF I did go the 18ah version of the 10X could I later replace with a 24ah without any negative impact?


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