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By Mick Ray
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I have two questions about Lime 2.5 Gen.

I saw a lot of versions of 2.5 Gen. It was: SF2.5, SJ2.5, SZ2.5 - what are the differences?
All are by: Dong Guan Honglin Industrial Co. Ltd.

I know, that this model is NOT foldable. But... Maybe there is a way to make it fold?
Upper part (tube with battery and so on) is connected to deck by 2 screws at front of scooter. They hold tube, deck and turning lock ring. If I remove this 2 screws, whole upper part could be disconnected (except for the brake cable). But I'm not sure if I also need to loose other 2 screws of this locking ring, because it's tightening it.

So, is there a way to make it foldable? Some simple modifications, some kind of clamp, like is in Xiaomi M365?

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