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Guys, newby here to forum and to scootin'. I live way up a long, rocky, dirt/gravel Forest Service road in the Idaho Rockies. I recently bought an E-move Cruiser from Voromotors. While its fun on the asphalt these tiny 10 inch wheels are way to small for any rough roads. Every small stone feels like a boulder. Why do not any of these electric scooters use 20 inch "fat tires" like we see on folding E-bikes? That would really make backroads much more fun. Comments?

By RonaldVog
Im six feet tall and have found that most of the world isnt made for me. Do any of you guys have tall people tables that you just love?

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I totally agree with you about the small wheels on most electric scooters. They are the worst possible size for something that is already pretty sketchy in overall design. I haven't been able to find anything 20" that can use standard fat bike 4-5" wide tires but I do use a 16" wheel with 3" wide tires. These 16" hub motors are a cast design so it's all one piece unlike a ebike rim with spokes and the hub motor laced to the rim.
I have been looking for a high power hub motor that I can run motorcycle tires on and a company in china recently introduced something pretty close to what I'm looking for.
16" x 4 rim size capable of 144 volts outputting over 10k watts. Top speed is 97mph at 144vdc at about 60 amps.

I run all my current projects at 108v Or 26s

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