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Micro mobility projects built using electric scooter components.
I converted one of my standup electric scooters into a *ss hauling mega range sit-down.
Built around a KTM dirt bike seat I found at goodwill for 12 bucks. With both battery packs installed ( the top one can be removed) it's packing almost 50 amp hours at 72 volts. That's enough battery to probably get around 150 miles of range. Downside to that much range is weight, however it is pretty well balanced and rides very nice.
It's running a fairly small 9C hub motor with 23mm wide magnets and stator. If you're not familiar with hub motors the wider the stator and magnets the more powerful the motor can be. Along with the copper fill and turn count, that what determines what kv the motor is and how many rpm per volt. This motor is getting 35 amps at 72v and top speed is basically 40mph. Maybe a few mph over 40 but depends how full the battery is. I'm considering buying a 12x3.5" QS 205 v3 motor. They are available up to about 8kw. I would need a new 100amp controller and it would cost me about 900$. But I would have a super powerful bike and be able to run a wide motorcycle tire in the rear.
I guess it's fast enough right now but i want to be able to do fat burnouts.
I spent some time modifying a rear hub motor to fit a 110mm front fork so I could add another motor to the front. Instead of buying a larger rear motor I decided to do this and just add another 35$ controller. I was only looking to increase the torque and acceleration,top speed is already fast enough. So by adding another motor to the front I have basically doubled the torque output and increased the weight by around 13lbs. I already had a battery capable of 100 plus amps and 3.7kw so plenty of power to supply two 35-50 amp controllers.
This thing is way more fun than anything else I have built. It's basically a small powerful mini electric motorcycle that is comfortable to ride and just goes for ever. The pictures don't really do it justice, I will take it out and try and get some better shots. It's pretty dope and I am wondering why a company hasn't done something similar. Keeping the bulk of the weight in the base makes more sense than putting it up high.
This thing is definitely way faster with dual motors. Much faster than I thought it would be which is never the case. I have it setup so I can turn off the front motor without effecting the rear motor. Anyone considering going with a dual motor setup or needs more torque this is the answer. It actually snaps you back from a complete stop when the throttle is pinned. It probably gained 3-4 mph to the top speed. About 45 now..and gets there in about 7 seconds.
Running 2 controllers off a single throttle:
For anyone trying to do this I ran into a issue that might be pretty common. So when you run the signal wire to the second controller you can't use separate batteries. The systems need to share the negative or ground for the throttle to work correctly. Everything I read didn't mention that but it makes sense. You only need to use the signal wire,the 5v pos and neg can remain unconnected.
One controller will be master and 2nd will be slave. Just run both controllers off the same battery leads.
I found a tire off a Honda Grom on OfferUp for 10$, seeing as it fits a 12" rim I figured I would see if it's possible to mount it on a narrow standard bike width rim. Everything I read said minimum rim width should be around 2.5", well bike rims are maybe 1.5" so I figured there was no way I would be able to get the tire to mount on a bike rim. Well I was surprised to find that mounting the tire was not much different than any other tire. It's tubeless so I had to get a short valve and drill out my rim to fit. It ends up being about 19" tall and 4" wide looks way bigger than the 16x3 bike tires I was running. Tire is 120/70-12
Dude I am totally in awe of your determination, what you have just created is just magnificently monstrous insane!!!
I don't even dare to imagine how it must tear off the tar 😉
If one day you create your company I will be the 1st customer 😁

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