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By MrTokensk8
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Hey everyone,

Does anyone possess install info for a folding mechanism to a repurposed Bird ESb/ESx( basically their es2 model deck that allows for install). I'm pretty mechanically inclined however, I am stumped. Maybe I am not seeing this correctly. I can post pics if need be.

Yes of course all my scooters are purchased legally.

Off topic question, any ex-bird mechanics try to return leftover parts once the program shut down only to be told to basically throw them away?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Bird, Voi Spin, JUMP By Uber, etc all use the Segway Ninebot SNSC which is a model without Rear Suspension and can’t fold but all the technology inside is still all the same so you will need to Find and Buy a Segway ES1/2/4 Body to get it to fold and get rear suspension. Good Luck.


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