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Micro mobility projects built using electric scooter components.
Have done a project to get more range and speed on my M365.
I started with Y cable connections and that worked well until i got the M365 Dashboard, then the Y cable solutions didn't worked anymore! So I had to solder the cables on the original battery. But after some testing and flashing a lot of different specs i came to one that works perfect for me. Power 45 000, No KERS, Remove hard ware speed 35 km/h.
Set top speed to 45 km/h (No with new charged battery it goes up to 33-34 easy but after a while the speed pan out to 31-32 km/H. After driving for a few weeks i get around 45-50 km and then a have a cruise speed at 25 km/h.
Everything with battery and cables and contacts and case is around 100 US.
Posting some pictures of the build and also the Y connections that worked before I put the Display on.
Link to the battery i bought: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32934539011.html?
I also changed the brake caliper and got a set of new better brake pads, made a huge difference.

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so is the battery in the bag different from the main scooter battery in terms of capacity or MAH? connecting it parallel with the main battery will give you more range but does the two battery has the same capacity? reason im asking is come charging time, both battery will take in different currents and different voltage. ive seen lots of hover board batteries go up in flames while being charged or discharged. my issue is are you solely dependent on the new battery's bms to stop it from over charging or over discharging? (your battery is an actual hoverboard battery )

No the extra battery has 7000mAh (and it´s a hover board battery) and main has 7800mAh and had it for almost 4 months now and no problems yet! Have a extra fuse to the extra battery . Then say every third charge i take my Multimeter and check so both battery has same voltage. I also test each battery after been out for a long trip so they have the same Voltage and there has been no problems. I talked to Xiaomi in China and the said that the BMS takes care of the charging problems. There are one BMS for each battery. I had problems first when i charge each battery for them self, that was before when I had the Y connections, but after I solder the extra battery on the main and charge it from the ordinary charging-port there has been no problems.

Edit: They also said that I should not empty the battery then the 800mAh could make a difference! Then it was better to charge them one by one and connect them again. Because if i go for a ride let say 30 km and them measure them they have exactly the same voltage left.

I have solder the new battery onto the original and I didn't knew that the original battery BMS had a light that you could see! So cant answer on that question. But going to open the battery lid this week for putting a water resistant seal on the battery lid the I can take a look. But know I have driven about 510 km with no problems.


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