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Brains of the e-scooter. Topics covering controllers, throttles, etc in this section.
By jbdigital
I bought 350W XLD Brainpower controller (Model 866C-6) with S866 LCD screen. I have wired everything, and it works as expected - however, after a while of use or when giving full power for a brief time, the power cuts off and the controller "shuts off". You can see the voltage from the screen drop from 38V to 20V and below until the screen goes blank.

After a minute or so, the controller can again be turned back on, and everything works again - battery voltage 38V. There are no error codes shown, or possibly E 10, but I am not sure if it's relevant to this. The controller is also not even warm to the touch, but the behaviour seems like some kind of failsafe trigger.

Any suggestions?

By jbdigital
Jcg wrote:
Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:15 pm
On which scooter did you put the controller? And do you use the original battery with the original BMS?
It is a decommissioned TIER scooter which had malfunctioning motor controller. I have replaced the original system with the new Brainpower controller, and used as is only the original throttle and battery. I troubleshooted for a while and found out that it is actually the battery that is cutting the power after a while of use.

So there is the original BMS, but I have only wired positive and negative to the motor controller. Thus there are 3 (thin sensor) wires unused. I cannot find any actual information about BMS wiring, or any controller that support them. What am I supposed to do with them?

John2479 wrote:
Wed Sep 18, 2019 3:58 pm
The battery also communicates with the controller and switches off when no signal is coming.
If you are using the original Ninebot ES batteries, you will probably run into issues with a 3rd party controller. I believe the BMS on these batteries expects communication from the controller. Without it, it will shut off when power beyond a low threshold is drawn. You can bypass the BMS and wire your +/- output leads directly to the battery, and leave the BMS in place for charging.

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