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Hello everyone,
My name is Jasper and i live in The netherlands
I have a nice 2000 watt scooter, that i bought with dead lead acid battery’s
I now fitted a Super Soco lithium 60v 43ah, and it works like a charm, but today i charged the battery to 100% (71.4 volt) and the controller seems to be protected against high voltage.
Can i mod this controller to 60v, so that it will work with the new battery? Looks to be a decent controller, heavy and the scooter was very powerful when battery was 50%
Below the link with all the photo’s of the controller . Can’t find anything on the internet about it
You need to open the controller and see what the voltage rating of the capacitors is. Once you confirm they are not 63v caps and are 80v or 100v then look on the PCB for voltage bridges. It will be marked 48v 60v and so on. There will be 2 small solder points next to each other. So to change it from 48v you need to remove the solder bridge and then solder the voltage you want. This is assuming that it's possible,some controllers don't accept different voltage,or they are programmed at the factory.
Good luck..

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