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Brains of the e-scooter. Topics covering controllers, throttles, etc in this section.
I bought this controller for my current project. I had to do a fair bit of soldering in connectors to work with my hardware, but it seems like a nice piece of hardware. I'll add photos soon of what I've done and add more about what I've learned. So far, I feel like it's worthy of a recommendation. ... 2685789703

You don't need all the wiring on these controllers, so I'll just reference what I used and what I had to do with them for my specific application. From the right side...The yellow/black is 36v output for lighting and accessories. I used a connector from an old charging port to create a mated end for it. The large black/red is obviously the battery connection. I just soldered on an xt60. The short 5-color cable with black connector is for the LCD/Throttle. Nothing needed here. The black/grey/red cable is for your electronic brake. I cut the connector off the unnecessary PAS cable to make a mated connection for this. I had to create a long extension cable for my brake. Luckily I don't waste any of my other spare parts and had a few cables that were perfect for the task. The last two bundles on the left are the hall and phase cables. I just soldered in the connections I needed for my motor, heat shrunk each individual wire, then another piece on each set to keep it tidy. This might not be all that useful, but hopefully it will help someone.
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ghostdroid wrote:
Tue Sep 17, 2019 2:16 pm
would this kit work with a bird zero motor? Anyway of hooking up the throttle to two controllers managing one ero motor each.
I'm nearly positive it would work on a zero. There is a 500w version of the same package, which I would strongly recommend. I do not think it would work with 2 controllers, because it is getting feedback to display on the LCD. I'd expect it would cause confusion if it was getting 2 different sets of signal.

MeRoEinZ wrote:
Wed Sep 18, 2019 4:06 pm
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.. Das ist sehr gut zu wissen also kann ich da den stromstecker anlöten der zum licht am Schutzblech hinten geht ja..?
If your rear fender light is 5v, then yes. You should be able to solder it to that connection. I have not yet done so to test it out myself, but I see no reason it wouldn't work.

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